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At Globtier, we revolutionize the way businesses communicate. Our dedicated team works with a vision to reinvent and virtualize the world’s telecommunication infrastructure through products like Programmable Voice, Custom Multi Layered IVRS, Call Broadcasting and Hosted PBX.


  • No front facing number for website
  • Using personal phone numbers for inbound calls
  • Frequent changes in number due to dynamic employee movement.
  • Tele calling done through office landline, records unavailable
  • Personal Numbers on visiting cards
  • Multiple digital campaigns over different platforms
  • No Custom IVR to reduce the on call time for helpdesk agents
  • No Multi Channel Announcement System


  • Toll Free Number with Multi-Level IVR
  • Click to Call Solutions for Outbound calling
  • VMN Allotment for Field Force Management
  • Cloud Telephony for Lead Generation & Management


Toll Free Number with Multi-Level IVR

  • Better customer experience with IVR Better navigation through departments and high answer rate.
  • Real-time call routing and reporting Keep track of all calls day in and day out.
  • 24×7 Functionality to business Answer calls virtually during non-working hours
  • Central Number for promotions Boost brand image by projecting an established firm.

Click to Call for outbound Calling

  • Remove dependency from personal numbers Use a centralized outbound calling system with one click controls
  • Maintain a constant outbound number to be used by all Make use of virtual landline numbers to maintain uniformity
  • Maintain quality and monitor performance AAnswer calls virtually during non-working hours/span>
  • Create agent logins for improved efficiency BBoost brand image by projecting an established firm./span>

VMN Allotment for Field Force Management

  • VMN Allotment to Each Manager The numbers shall be printed on visiting cards routing calls to personal numbers.
  • Monitor manager performance and efficiency Keep track of all calls day in and day out.
  • Numbers stay constant even if employee changes The calls are routed on personal phones hence, giving freedom to change the settings as per need.
  • Prevent privacy breach and protect data. All incoming calls come from a dedicated DID (landline number) to ensure data privacy.

Cloud Telephony for Lead Generation & Management

  • Attractive Campaigning with Missed Call Services Make it easy for the customer to connect with you.
  • SMS Notifications for customer engagement Use bulk SMS to acknowledge each interested customer.
  • Different numbers for different campaigns Track marketing ROI using multiple VMNs.
  • Voice Broadcast for Lead Qualification Call customers automatically to probe more and qualify leads.





Toll-Free Numbers

Create nationwide
presence & brand

Voice Broadcasting

Send pre-recorded messages
to a large customer base
in one go

Missed Call Service

Collect leads, verify payments
& authenticate customers
on a missed call

Bulk SMS

Send mass promotional/
transactional SMS with
a click